Nathan is Six Months Old!

Hello friends!

You may recall Nathan from his newborn photos at the beginning of the year.  It was so fun to revisit his home and see how he’s grown!  Here are some highlights from his six month photo session!








Hanging out with his sister.

Hanging out with his sister.



Love those cheeks!

Love those cheeks!


The Smith Family

Isn’t this little girl adorable?  I had a great time taking photos of this lovely family a couple weeks ago.  Tatiana is a very gifted, hard-working ESL teacher who works with me at our school on the west side of Indianapolis.  I was so honored that she wanted me to help document their family in photos.  Seeing little Sofia with her older brother made me think of what it must have been like for my teenage brothers when I was a baby… such a sweet bond they have!  Here are some highlights from our time together.  Enjoy!







Sofia and her big brother

Sofia and her big brother





with her dad

with her dad



The Mansoori Family

I had the great privilege of meeting and photographing this family a few weeks ago. They were so welcoming and their gorgeous family (and gorgeous home) made my job pretty easy!  Lilly was an extremely helpful and loving big sister to her two-week old baby sister as I took these photos.  The Mansooris were so easy to work with and up to try any photo ideas I had.  I’m so glad it worked out for me to help capture the new addition to their family!  I hope you enjoy these highlights from our session!














…and now there are 4!

You may recall my newest niece’s newborn photos from summer and her lovely family’s photos from last spring.  Now I’m thrilled to bring you Betty’s six-month photos, as well as photos of the four kids together.  One thing is for sure, my siblings make really beautiful children.  I absolutely love that I live just fifteen minutes away from these little niblings (does it count as a word if it’s in urban dictionary but not on who never fail to make me laugh and give me lots of love every time I hang out with them.  Alright, enough words, here are the little beauties!







Yes, that is mama's arm int he background that I haven't taken the time to remove.  I think it's nice to see that she's well-supported.  :)

Yes, that is mama’s arm in the background that I haven’t taken the time to remove from the photo yet. I think it’s nice to see that the baby is well-supported. 🙂



Baby Nathan

Hello there!

You may remember Addison from previous posts on this blog.  Well, she’s a big sister now and I had the privilege of meeting newborn baby Nathan and enjoyed doing a bit of a lifestyle shoot of their family a couple weeks ago.  Hope you enjoy these photos!







N is for Nathan

N is for Nathan



Little Betty

Here’s another outdated post!  Remember this beautiful family?  Well, they’ve added another adorable child and they’ve given me another niece to love!  I’m no newborn photography expert, but when my brother and his wife had a new baby, I had to try my hand at capturing her beauty.  Here are some photos of newborn Betty taken back in August.  She’s grown a bit since these photos.  Enjoy!






One Year Old!

This blog post is only four months late.  🙂  I thought you all would appreciate a glimpse back at the wonder of summertime.  I had a great time photographing my friends Chrissy and Kevin and their little guy Levi before his first birthday last summer.  Hope you enjoy these photos!








Sneak Peek- More to come soon!

Hi everyone!  As happens each new school year, I’ve had to put some blog posts on the back burner since August.

Here are some sneak peeks of what is coming in the next few weeks.  I’m going to leave you with these and go enjoy my fall break for a bit now!  🙂  Be back soon!

Some great friends with their one-year-old.

Some great friends with their one-year-old.

My newest niece back in August, not too long after she was born.

My newest niece back in August, not too long after she was born.

Addison is two!

Addison is two!

It was such fun taking family photos of the Hossletons in September!

It was such fun taking family photos of the Hossleton crew in September!

Lexie is a senior.  There are a lot more beautiful photos of her coming your way!

Lexie is a senior. There are a lot more beautiful photos of her coming your way!

¡Bienvenido al mundo, Andrés!

El mes pasado, tuve un tiempo muy especial cuando conocí este bebe tan adorable de tan solo diez días de edad.  Andrés es el nuevo miembro de mi familia favorita nicaragüense, que viven aquí en Indianápolis.  Sus hijos asistieron a la escuela donde yo enseño. Es siempre divertido compartir con ellos y poder ponernos al día cuando ellos vienen a eventos de la escuela y tengo la oportunidad de hablar mi español centroamericano con ellos.  Andrés tiene tres adorables hermanos mayores y dos padres trabajadores a quien admirar y seguir mientras crece. ¡Espero disfruten estas fotos!

I had such a wonderful time meeting this adorable little guy when he was about ten days old last month.  Andres is the newest member of my favorite Nicaraguan family who happen to live here in Indianapolis.  Their children have attended the school where I teach.  It’s always fun to catch up with them when they come to events at the school and to get a chance to speak my Central American Spanish with them.  🙂  Andres has three wonderful older siblings and two hard-working parents to look up to as he grows up!  I hope you enjoy these photos!







Katy, Alan, and Jonah: Visiting from Cambodia

You may remember these friends as the great people who helped show me around the beautiful country of Cambodia this past summer, from Angkor Wat to Battambang to Phnom Penh and Kep (photos of that are still to come).  Well, their family has since grown from this back in June:


to this:

Beringer Family by JMP-10

They came home to the U.S. for Christmas and I had a great time catching up with them on a chilly Indianapolis day.  The weather didn’t cooperate much for an outdoor photoshoot, but we had fun nonetheless.  🙂

Here are a few more fun shots from our time at the beginning of this month.  Enjoy!

Beringer Family by JMP-1

This was what he was like when I first met him. We didn’t let it last long. 🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-7

Beringer Family by JMP-3

Beringer Family by JMP-9

Mass Ave Toys was a great place to warm up and check out some fun toys.  This little guy was very intent in checking out the world, with his fingers getting pretty close to pointing to the place where he was born… it’s like he knew.  🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-13

Such a contemplative look.

Such a contemplative look.

Beringer Family by JMP-22

Beringer Family by JMP-24

Beringer Family by JMP-25Beringer Family by JMP-28

The Yang/Macke Cousins

I had such a fun time hanging out with my friends’ sons last month in Fort Wayne.  We had a session with Levi at home and then met up with his cousin for some Christmas pictures.  As you can see from the photos, these boys are on the move!  Enjoy!





Cousin time- Already learning to share. 🙂


Get us out of here!


Went for a vintage look with this edit.


Someone dropped their toy!



The Macke Family


The Clemmers- Indianapolis Family Photography

These are some great friends of mine from my community group at church.  Knowing they were heading back to the great state of Pennsylvania (we share a home state!) for a while, I was excited to help document this stage of their family’s life before they left.  Many thanks to our friends who helped out with entertaining the boys and getting some smiles out of them during our quick photo shoot!  🙂







PicMonkey Collage


I loved this random show of brotherly affection. 🙂



Sneak Peek: Addison is One!

You may remember Addison’s six-month photos  from this past March.  I was so excited to see how she’s grown in the past six months when I took her one-year photos this weekend.  Here is a sneak peek.  I’ll try to post more soon!  🙂

Caleb- 11 Months

Not only is this boy the cutest, but he also happens to have some of the best parents around!  When I was home in Pennsylvania at the end of July, it was wonderful to catch up with some of my favorite people and to see how my friend’s son, Caleb, has grown since I last saw him in December.  I hope you enjoy these photos of Caleb!

When I started making funny noises to get him to smile, he copied the sounds I made… it was impressive. 🙂


Last week I stopped in at school to get some work done on Memorial Day (sad, but true).  Thankfully my day was brightened when my friend came by to sort out some things in her classroom and brought her newborn baby, Sophie, with her!  It was great to meet her and have a quick impromptu photo session to capture just how little and precious she is.  🙂

Addison at Six Months

I had a great time doing my first official shoot with a six-month-old baby last week.  It was great to meet Addison’s mom and we had a fun time trying out different outfits and poses to capture her cuteness at six-months-old.  She is such a beautiful, curious, and pleasant baby… I had a lot of fun trying out my new camera and lens on such a great subject!  It was a great bonus to be able to go outside in the middle of March, too.   I hope you enjoy some of these highlights from our time together!

Laney Grace

I had a great time meeting my friends’ four-month-old, Laney Grace, last week.  It was really fun to get photos of their family.  I loved her cute outfits (yay for leg-warmers!) and it was fun to incorporate the fitness theme into the shoot (very appropriate considering how fit her parents are!).  Laney wasn’t always into that camera I kept shoving in her face, but she was a trooper and I think I captured a bit of her cuteness.  🙂  Enjoy this lovely family!

A smile!

Aren't these leg warmers awesome?!

They're a really great family. 🙂

Don't worry, she was fully supported in this pose. And yes, she will inevitably be a sporty girl. 🙂

She just might be a daddy's girl. 🙂

She's a cutie!

Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your family in photos. It was a joy!

Newborn Mary Beth, August 2011

I had the great pleasure of photographing my friends’ fourth child when she was about a week old in August.  It was great to get some more practice photographing a newborn and so much fun to hang out with their beautiful family.