Home-home in the Summertime


For those of you who are missing summertime, here is a glimpse back on my time in my hometown in July.  I love Western PA in the summertime.  I also love watching my nieces and nephews explore the creek (honestly, we say crick) that I grew up visiting on the family land outside of town, finding salamanders and crayfish among the rocks.  🙂










Here’s an added bonus to this post. A couple of my dad’s magnolia trees are thriving here in the north and had many beautiful blossoms this year!  I’m not sure if I’ve shared the background story of his magnolias on the blog before, so here it is:

Magnolias hold a very special place in my heart (Southern Magnolias to be specific, but one can’t be too picky up here in the north).

For the last twenty years or so, my dad tried to grow Southern Magnolia trees at their home in Pennsylvania. I don’t even know how many he planted over the years. Many bit the dust quickly, some lasted a few seasons, and every once in a while there would be a blossom or two. Back in the summer of 2014, I was laughing at (with?) him as he watered his magnolia trees, reminding him that they really aren’t meant to live in the northern climate. He chuckled and said, “Well, we’re sort of delaying the inevitable here.”  He knew they wouldn’t grow into huge, flourishing trees, yet he faithfully filled those buckets and continued to water them and enjoy them while they grew in the yard.


Summer, 2014

Magnolias have become a reminder of Dad for me. They remind me to live in the moment, “water the trees,” appreciate the little things, and enjoy life itself, because in the end everything is temporary.  This makes me super thankful for biblical promises like the one in 2 Corinthians 4:18 “For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal,” but this is already too long to add a sermon into the mix.
All that to say, this is why magnolias make me smile, remind me to appreciate each moment, and encourage me to trust God with the unknown and not-promised future. 

Aren’t these blossoms beautiful?



July, 2019




When my niece’s daughter was born at the end of June and a photo was texted, I responded like most people by exclaiming, “That hair!”  I was thrilled to have the chance to capture this beauty when I was home-home in Pennsylvania in July.  I love her and her siblings and it was delightful to capture them in these pictures.  I’m sure they were cherish the memory of Rori being this little, as well as her big brother’s camo cast from a recent tumble.  🙂

Enjoy these beauties and that hair!






Whales, Puffins, and Murres!

I recently spent some time on the island of Newfoundland.  I definitely had to google the Newfoundland and Labrador province before my friend and I planned this trip just to know where it was located!

We had a great time exploring a small part of this very large island.  There was so much to learn about Newfoundland’s history and wildlife.  O’Brien’s Whale and Boat Tours was a great place to start on a foggy morning!

We were able to see tons of puffins, murres (which totally look like penguins from a distance), and humpback whales on our boat tour.  I hope you enjoy some of my photos from our adventure in Bay Bulls!


A puffin!


Approaching the Isle of Birds (I made up the name, but it fits).


Murres on the move


Puffins on the move



Puffin burrows


Not penguins 🙂



Humpback whale sighting!



Check out those fins!


They were so close!




Here is a video (don’t worry, no plans to become a videographer anytime soon!) showing our slightly overdone excitement about having whales near our boat.  🙂



Additionally, here are some photos from my phone to show another perspective from our tour.



I’m so grateful that my friend Laura was up for joining me on a chilly summer adventure in Eastern Canada!

Europe in 2018

Hello, all!

Winter weather is assisting me in getting caught up on photos and this blog.  I just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who follow this blog for travel photos: Great things are coming your way!  I went to Europe three (what is my life!?) times in 2018 and have some beautiful photos to share from the five countries I visited. This post is a sampling for you!

I am going to be posting quite a few of my 2018 portrait sessions after this (so my clients know that I’m still doing this side gig.) After that, I will have more travel posts. Get excited!!!

Happy 2019, friends!


Enjoying London, Italy, and Germany on assorted trips in 2018.


London in the spring



My first time in Malta! March, 2018


Summer in Italy


Summer in Italy



A fall day in Dublin, Ireland



Germany in October 2018

The Rosario Mining Company in San Juancito, Honduras

As I mentioned in my previous post, there’s this really unique village outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras where an American mining company once set up shop.  It is now a bit of a rundown area up the mountain from San Juancito, at the entrance of La Tigra National Park and has become one of my favorite places to visit.  This post documents my visit there in June 2017.

Cabaña Mirador El Rosario owned by Jorg and Monika is the perfect cabin on a mountain and the dinner and breakfast served at the main house is dreamy.  Here are some sights from the cabin and their home:

IMG_3088IMG_3104IMG_3133 IMG_3122IMG_3275IMG_3280IMG_3282IMG_3283IMG_3285


And here are some photos from the former El Rosario Mining Company buildings near the entrance of La Tigra National Park, the bright pupleria, as well as some photos from hiking near the park…


My top three favorite photos from the getaway:



I’m always fascinated by the plants I see there…

Here are some additional photos from my phone to get you a feel for the place…

Lastly, we saw a quetzal on our way back down to San Juancito!


The Gringo Cemetery of the Rosario Mining Company, Honduras

Nothing like a snow day home to have me thinking back on past trips and adventures.

In June I returned to my beloved second country, Honduras.  I was able to have a quick getaway to one of my favorite places, Cabaña Mirador in El Rosario.  While there, my friend Michelle and I took a little hike around the village and on the edge of La Tigra National Park.  Just up the mountain from the village of San Juancito sits an old mining town that was operated by a US mining company in the early 1900’s.

This post is focusing on the photos I took at what Michelle and I call the “gringo cemetery” where the mining company buried workers who passed away while they were living there.

Some may find cemeteries creepy, but I tend to find them peaceful.  This one is fascinating.  I hope you enjoy some of the details of this unique place.





A Morning Frost at Oak Hill

We had a frosty morning here at Oak Hill College on Thursday. My sister, nieces, and I went out to document it as it was melting.  They don’t get snow very often here, but this is the next best thing.  Hope you enjoy these photos!







I love how the frost in the shadows melts later, creating a unique pattern across the field.








A Home of Henry VIII: Hampton Court Palace

I’m trying a new format on this post, since I had so many photos to share.  One of my last days in London last October, my mom and I took four of my nephews to visit Hampton Court Palace.

It was such an intriguing place to visit.  To think about Henry VIII walking the same hallways we walked was a bit surreal.  The palace is an interesting mixture of Tudor style (from Henry VIII’s time there in the 1500’s) and Baroque style from King William III’s rebuild of a large part of the palace in the 1600’s.  Throw in a giant maze, capes for the kids, and lots of nooks to explore, and we had ourselves a fun adventure!  Some of my favorite sights include tapestries from the 1500’s, an emblem in the wood that should have been removed after the beheading of Anne Boleyn, being in Henry VIII’s kitchen and banquet hall, making it to the middle of the maze, and much more.

Here are some highlights from our visit posted below.  Since this is my last post recapping my London trip, I included a few photos at the end of the whole reason I took the trip.  It was such a blessing to have two weeks there with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and their seven children (especially meeting their newest addition!).  I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts!  Get excited for some upcoming posts of recent photo shoots I’ve had and, of course, some more travel photos!

London: The Obligatory Photos

Hello again!

I’m trying to knock out these London posts so I can post more up-to-date photos soon.  Most of these photos need little description since they’re the shots everyone gets when in London, so here you go!



Westminster Abbey


Outside Westminster Abbey


On the front of Westminster Abbey



This is the church where I attended Bible Study Fellowship during my trip… conveniently located between Buckingham Palace and Big Ben!



A great place to get fish ‘n chips!


On a work day, I was able to visit the building where my sister’s church meets, St. Botolph’s, Aldersgate, to get photos of the beautiful sanctuary…



Adventures in London, continued…

Good evening, all!

Some of you may have noticed I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging recently.  2015 was a rough year for me and I cut down on a few things, like blogging, to cope.  My hope is to get back on track in the next few months so I can share more of my fun travels and recent photo sessions here. I hope you enjoy!

I didn’t quite finish blogging the photos from my trip to London in October of 2015, so the next few posts will be devoted to the fun that I had in England with my mom, sister, and her family.

Here are a few more photos from Windsor Castle and then some bonus photos from around my sister’s home.  Stay tuned for Big Ben and Hampton Court Palace soon!


The Queen Victoria statue right outside of Windsor Castle.


Windsor Castle


It was so fun to walk this street again with fond memories of it from our visit when I was eight-years-old.


A shopping area outside the Windsor Castle train station.


It’s been a few months, but I think this is the Paddington train station.  🙂


Sundown on Farm Lane


I loved the evening light hitting the plants outside my sister’s home.


Enter a caption


It was a beautiful evening for a walk with my nieces!


Such a ham.


Twice the fun!


A thistle… pretty close to Scotland.


I love evening light.