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The Fredells

I had the fantastic privilege last month of photographing my high school friends’ family.  They recently returned from adopting their two adorable daughters and I had a wonderful time doing a little photo shoot with them.  You may remember Samantha from our Hawaiian adventure last spring.  We’ve been friends since junior high and have stacked up quite a few fun shared memories and travels over the years.  I’m so glad she and Jeremy asked me to document their first official family photos for them!













One Year Old!

This blog post is only four months late.  🙂  I thought you all would appreciate a glimpse back at the wonder of summertime.  I had a great time photographing my friends Chrissy and Kevin and their little guy Levi before his first birthday last summer.  Hope you enjoy these photos!








Sneak Peek- More to come soon!

Hi everyone!  As happens each new school year, I’ve had to put some blog posts on the back burner since August.

Here are some sneak peeks of what is coming in the next few weeks.  I’m going to leave you with these and go enjoy my fall break for a bit now!  🙂  Be back soon!

Some great friends with their one-year-old.

Some great friends with their one-year-old.

My newest niece back in August, not too long after she was born.

My newest niece back in August, not too long after she was born.

Addison is two!

Addison is two!

It was such fun taking family photos of the Hossletons in September!

It was such fun taking family photos of the Hossleton crew in September!

Lexie is a senior.  There are a lot more beautiful photos of her coming your way!

Lexie is a senior. There are a lot more beautiful photos of her coming your way!

The Mansell Family

Now that school is out for summer, I have a second to sit down and post these pictures from last month.  These photos are of my great brother and sister-in-law and their really adorable and fun children.  We had a beautiful evening walking around a park the night of their wedding anniversary.   Can’t wait to meet #4 in July!


PicMonkey Collagekids (2)




Lowrie wanted a closer look.

He wanted a closer look.

I think they're representing themselves pretty accurately here.  :)

I think they’re representing themselves pretty accurately here. 🙂


He's just too much sometimes.

He’s just too much sometimes.

Sisters... there's nothing else like it.

Sisters… there’s nothing else like it.


Sneak Peek- I get to call these adorable children my nieces and nephew!

You may recognize these kiddos from some previous posts of mine (look here and here).  I can’t resist posting this sneak peek of a family session I did last weekend with my brother’s family.  There are more to come soon!

IMG_1955 (2)

Katy, Alan, and Jonah: Visiting from Cambodia

You may remember these friends as the great people who helped show me around the beautiful country of Cambodia this past summer, from Angkor Wat to Battambang to Phnom Penh and Kep (photos of that are still to come).  Well, their family has since grown from this back in June:


to this:

Beringer Family by JMP-10

They came home to the U.S. for Christmas and I had a great time catching up with them on a chilly Indianapolis day.  The weather didn’t cooperate much for an outdoor photoshoot, but we had fun nonetheless.  🙂

Here are a few more fun shots from our time at the beginning of this month.  Enjoy!

Beringer Family by JMP-1

This was what he was like when I first met him. We didn’t let it last long. 🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-7

Beringer Family by JMP-3

Beringer Family by JMP-9

Mass Ave Toys was a great place to warm up and check out some fun toys.  This little guy was very intent in checking out the world, with his fingers getting pretty close to pointing to the place where he was born… it’s like he knew.  🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-13

Such a contemplative look.

Such a contemplative look.

Beringer Family by JMP-22

Beringer Family by JMP-24

Beringer Family by JMP-25Beringer Family by JMP-28

The Mansell Family

Now that Christmas cards are sent out, I can share these pictures.  Over Thanksgiving I had the chance to take family photos for my brother’s family.  It wasn’t difficult since they are some of the cutest kids in the world!  Many thanks to one of my other brothers and niece who stood behind me and helped get the smiles you see here.  Enjoy!

IMG_1892 IMG_1912-2 IMG_1930


And here’s a bonus: My dad and his granddaughter on a walk out at the lake. 🙂

The Clemmers- Indianapolis Family Photography

These are some great friends of mine from my community group at church.  Knowing they were heading back to the great state of Pennsylvania (we share a home state!) for a while, I was excited to help document this stage of their family’s life before they left.  Many thanks to our friends who helped out with entertaining the boys and getting some smiles out of them during our quick photo shoot!  🙂







PicMonkey Collage


I loved this random show of brotherly affection. 🙂



The Vayanos Family

I had the joy of photographing the Vayanos family near Pittsburgh over fall break last month.  Marlynn and I go way back to Kindergarten and it’s been great getting to know Steve over the past few years as well, so it was really fun to play a part in documenting this stage of their family in photos.  I’ll allow the cuteness of this family to speak for itself.  Enjoy!

Calvin and Lucy- A Photo Session in Singapore

Last month I had a great time visiting my cousin in Singapore and spending time with her and her family.  We had a chance to get a few photos of their adorable kids, aged 2 years and 10 months, in action one morning.  They are really fun children with gorgeous eyes and really entertaining personalities.  Calvin wasn’t quite as enthused about having his picture taken, so Lucy receives a bit more representation in this post.  I know his parents have plenty of adorable pictures of him, so I think it’s ok that Lucy got to shine on this day.  Does this mean I can add International Children’s Photographer to my title now?  😉

I hope you enjoy a few pictures of our time together.  There’s much more to come from my Southeast Asia adventures soon on the blog!

Calvin in action!

The attempt at a posed brother-sister shot didn’t quite work, but I love their expressions in this one! 🙂

Calvin with his mom

The whole family

A family photo from later that day

It was so fun to visit them and see their lives in Singapore!

and a bonus photo that Cate snapped of me in action- She calls this “metaphotography.”

The Goodwin Family

I’ve been so excited to post these pictures on here.  I had a great time taking some photos for the Goodwin family this past weekend.  Perfect morning light and a beautiful family made my job pretty easy!  Theo is an absolutely adorable one-year-old and was a natural in front of the camera.  Andy and Jamie, thanks so much for the opportunity to take pictures of your great family!  Enjoy a few shots from our time together!

Someone wanted in on the fun!