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Last week I stopped in at school to get some work done on Memorial Day (sad, but true).  Thankfully my day was brightened when my friend came by to sort out some things in her classroom and brought her newborn baby, Sophie, with her!  It was great to meet her and have a quick impromptu photo session to capture just how little and precious she is.  🙂

Laney Grace

I had a great time meeting my friends’ four-month-old, Laney Grace, last week.  It was really fun to get photos of their family.  I loved her cute outfits (yay for leg-warmers!) and it was fun to incorporate the fitness theme into the shoot (very appropriate considering how fit her parents are!).  Laney wasn’t always into that camera I kept shoving in her face, but she was a trooper and I think I captured a bit of her cuteness.  🙂  Enjoy this lovely family!

A smile!

Aren't these leg warmers awesome?!

They're a really great family. 🙂

Don't worry, she was fully supported in this pose. And yes, she will inevitably be a sporty girl. 🙂

She just might be a daddy's girl. 🙂

She's a cutie!

Thanks so much for allowing me to capture your family in photos. It was a joy!

A Fashionably Late Christmas Post

Better late than never, right?  The return to teaching proved to be a bit time-consuming this month, so I had to put photography to the side for a little while.

I had a lovely time at home in Pennsylvania for Christmas and New Year’s.  I wasn’t really in “photography-mode” while I was home, but here are a few random photos from my time there.

got to love some Christmas light bokeh...

my adorable nephew ready for the road trip back to Indiana

I enjoyed a field trip to Pittsburgh and the chance to see all six of these beautiful Super Bowl trophies won by the Steelers. 🙂

Mom and I made these for her New Year's Eve party contribution. Aren't they cute?

My parents are getting an addition put on the back of the house. I liked this shot out the window of one of the men working on it.

I told you it would be a random assortment, right?  🙂