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…and now there are 4!

You may recall my newest niece’s newborn photos from summer and her lovely family’s photos from last spring.  Now I’m thrilled to bring you Betty’s six-month photos, as well as photos of the four kids together.  One thing is for sure, my siblings make really beautiful children.  I absolutely love that I live just fifteen minutes away from these little niblings (does it count as a word if it’s in urban dictionary but not on who never fail to make me laugh and give me lots of love every time I hang out with them.  Alright, enough words, here are the little beauties!







Yes, that is mama's arm int he background that I haven't taken the time to remove.  I think it's nice to see that she's well-supported.  :)

Yes, that is mama’s arm in the background that I haven’t taken the time to remove from the photo yet. I think it’s nice to see that the baby is well-supported. 🙂