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The Mansell Kids

This past summer, I had the joy (and fun challenge) of photographing my brother and sister-in-law’s children, some of my favorite kids in the world.  Being that photos by Aunt Jenni aren’t a novelty to them, the group pics were an amusing challenge (see the last photo for evidence of this).  As usual, it wasn’t difficult to get their beauty to shine through in the individual photos.  🙂  I love that they have made frequent appearances on this blog.  It’s a joy to watch them grow!





Baby Brother on the Way

This family has made quite a few appearances on my blog!  It’s so fun to capture them as they grow.  True confession: Baby boy has already arrived and is pretty much ready to drive at this point due to my delay in posting here.  Ok, it’s not quite that extreme… I took these photos last spring before baby boy’s summer arrival (while I was out of town, sadly). 🙂

We had a great time getting these family photos in Indy.  I always enjoy reminiscing with Kara about our shared hometown in Pennsylvania and their little one has become my buddy!  I look forward to twice the fun next time we’re able to hang out!







A Look Back at 2016

There’s nothing like an icy day trapped at home to give me the time I’ve needed all year to catch up this blog!

With apologies for the slightly haphazard style of all of this, here is my attempt to catch up the blog so I can be more up-to-date on posting recent photo sessions, as well as recent travel (which is soon!).

I hope you enjoy the recap.  I hope to be back with more soon.

Merry Christmas to all!


Documenting my nephew’s new glasses and my niece at six months!


The Netts are a family of three now!



Samantha is one!


It was such a joy capturing the Dowells with their newborn!


The Moores are such a fun and beautiful family.  I loved catching up with them during our photo session!



I made a trip to PA this summer and loved catching up with these high school friends and their girls!


This family.  How I love the Baenzigers and what a joy it was to capture them as a family of four now!


These are my adorable birthday-sharing nieces, celebrating one and three together!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Welcome, Little Samantha!

I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest daughter was six months old.  Now there are three of them!  It’s been a joy to watch them grow.  Here are newborn photos of their newest addition, Samantha.  I hope you enjoy the sweetness of these little ones and a few with their beautiful mama, too!  🙂

Samantha Newborn-1wm

Samantha Newborn-3wm

Samantha Newborn-4wm

Samantha Newborn-5wm

Samantha Newborn-6wm

Samantha Newborn-8wm

Samantha Newborn-9wm

Samantha Newborn-10wm

Samantha Newborn-11wm

Samantha Newborn-12wm

The Mansoori Girls are Growing!

Last month I had a wonderful time catching up with the Mansoori family and seeing how their girls have grown since our last photo shoot.  Lily continues to be a wonderful big sister to Layla, who has grown quite a bit since her newborn photos!  It was really fun to photograph them in their element at home.  For some of the photos, the girls wore their Persian dress up clothes, an adorable piece of their heritage that I really enjoyed documenting for them.  I hope you enjoy these photos!

Mansoori Girls-1wm

Mansoori Girls-4wmMansoori Girls-5wm

Mansoori Girls-6wm

Mansoori Girls-7wm

Mansoori Girls-8wm

Mansoori Girls-9wm

Mansoori Girls-10wm

Mansoori Girls-11wm

Who doesn't love getting permission to jump on the bed??

Who doesn’t love getting permission to jump on the bed??

Persian tea party!

Persian tea party!

Mansoori Girls-15wm

Mansoori Girls-16wm

Mansoori Girls-21wm

Mansoori Girls-24wm

Mansoori Girls-25wm

Baby Lucy

Hello there!

Little Lucy made her debut in January and I really enjoyed documenting her newborn stage and her family of four in these photos from the end of January.  It was such a great excuse to get to know the wonderful Smith family.  I had trouble narrowing down the photos for this blog post as the girls did such a great job and I ended up with a lot of sweet moments.  Hope you enjoy these photos of this lovely family!




















…and now there are 4!

You may recall my newest niece’s newborn photos from summer and her lovely family’s photos from last spring.  Now I’m thrilled to bring you Betty’s six-month photos, as well as photos of the four kids together.  One thing is for sure, my siblings make really beautiful children.  I absolutely love that I live just fifteen minutes away from these little niblings (does it count as a word if it’s in urban dictionary but not on who never fail to make me laugh and give me lots of love every time I hang out with them.  Alright, enough words, here are the little beauties!







Yes, that is mama's arm int he background that I haven't taken the time to remove.  I think it's nice to see that she's well-supported.  :)

Yes, that is mama’s arm in the background that I haven’t taken the time to remove from the photo yet. I think it’s nice to see that the baby is well-supported. 🙂