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The Fredells

I had the fantastic privilege last month of photographing my high school friends’ family.  They recently returned from adopting their two adorable daughters and I had a wonderful time doing a little photo shoot with them.  You may remember Samantha from our Hawaiian adventure last spring.  We’ve been friends since junior high and have stacked up quite a few fun shared memories and travels over the years.  I’m so glad she and Jeremy asked me to document their first official family photos for them!













Three Years Later

The last time I saw this family (of a great friend of mine from high school) was when I took their photos three years ago.  It was fun to once again see how these kids have grown when I was home in PA in July.  She commented that her wall was covered with my photos of the five kids three years ago and was worried that pretty soon #6 may be offended that she wasn’t included.  I was happy to help provide some updated photos of this beautiful family!  Enjoy! (Side note:  I’m trying to figure out how to improve the clarity of my blog photos to reflect the originals, but decided not to make you all wait the months it will take for me to figure that out, so please just imagine them a bit crisper than they appear here!)











Many of you may remember this session with Bri from last year.  Well, I got to hang out with her again last month while we were both in Pennsylvania and had a great time.  Bri is three now and she can’t wait to be a big sister in a few months (and I can’t wait to see how beautiful that baby will be!).  We had a fun time getting some shots one morning in PA and I loved reconnecting with my friend (her mom) once again.  Enjoy these photos!












Sneak Peek- I get to call these adorable children my nieces and nephew!

You may recognize these kiddos from some previous posts of mine (look here and here).  I can’t resist posting this sneak peek of a family session I did last weekend with my brother’s family.  There are more to come soon!

IMG_1955 (2)

The Yang/Macke Cousins

I had such a fun time hanging out with my friends’ sons last month in Fort Wayne.  We had a session with Levi at home and then met up with his cousin for some Christmas pictures.  As you can see from the photos, these boys are on the move!  Enjoy!





Cousin time- Already learning to share. 🙂


Get us out of here!


Went for a vintage look with this edit.


Someone dropped their toy!



The Macke Family


The Vayanos Family

I had the joy of photographing the Vayanos family near Pittsburgh over fall break last month.  Marlynn and I go way back to Kindergarten and it’s been great getting to know Steve over the past few years as well, so it was really fun to play a part in documenting this stage of their family in photos.  I’ll allow the cuteness of this family to speak for itself.  Enjoy!

Sneak Peek: Addison is One!

You may remember Addison’s six-month photos  from this past March.  I was so excited to see how she’s grown in the past six months when I took her one-year photos this weekend.  Here is a sneak peek.  I’ll try to post more soon!  🙂

Calvin and Lucy- A Photo Session in Singapore

Last month I had a great time visiting my cousin in Singapore and spending time with her and her family.  We had a chance to get a few photos of their adorable kids, aged 2 years and 10 months, in action one morning.  They are really fun children with gorgeous eyes and really entertaining personalities.  Calvin wasn’t quite as enthused about having his picture taken, so Lucy receives a bit more representation in this post.  I know his parents have plenty of adorable pictures of him, so I think it’s ok that Lucy got to shine on this day.  Does this mean I can add International Children’s Photographer to my title now?  😉

I hope you enjoy a few pictures of our time together.  There’s much more to come from my Southeast Asia adventures soon on the blog!

Calvin in action!

The attempt at a posed brother-sister shot didn’t quite work, but I love their expressions in this one! 🙂

Calvin with his mom

The whole family

A family photo from later that day

It was so fun to visit them and see their lives in Singapore!

and a bonus photo that Cate snapped of me in action- She calls this “metaphotography.”


Well, one thing is for sure: my friends make really cute kids.  🙂  Looking over the photos I’ve been able to take in the past few weeks/years, I can’t get over how adorable they all are.  Gorgeous two-year-old Bri is no exception.  This was another fun shoot I was able to do for a friend while we were both in Pennsylvania at the end of July.  I think it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this girl!  Enjoy!

Oh man, that curl was just too much! I could hardly handle the adorableness!

Those are some really fantastic eyes God gave her!

Can’t you picture her in a kids’ clothing ad?!

…and a little bonus behind the scenes shot taken by Bri’s mom. 🙂

The Goodwin Family

I’ve been so excited to post these pictures on here.  I had a great time taking some photos for the Goodwin family this past weekend.  Perfect morning light and a beautiful family made my job pretty easy!  Theo is an absolutely adorable one-year-old and was a natural in front of the camera.  Andy and Jamie, thanks so much for the opportunity to take pictures of your great family!  Enjoy a few shots from our time together!

Someone wanted in on the fun!

My Adorable Nieces and Nephew

Hello there!  Sorry for the recent absence in blogging… the end-of-school-year-craziness has taken over my life recently. 🙂

I had the pleasure of photographing some of the cutest kids in the world when my brother’s family and I we were all home in Pennsylvania for Easter.  We had a fun time on Westminster College’s campus and a quick stop outside of town for a few more pictures.  I was really thankful for the picture practice with such precious kids.  If only I could always take my brother and sister-in-law with me when I’m taking pics of kids.  They proved to be really entertaining and the smiles came easily!  Enjoy the adorableness!

horribly bright lighting, but adorable kid nonetheless! 🙂

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Lily Kate

I had a great time at the pumpkin patch in Noblesville with my college roommate and her adorable daughter, Lily Kate.  She wasn’t an easy sell on the whole photo shoot thing, but she came around in the end and we had a fun time.  🙂

The A Children- Summer 2010

It was so fun getting to know my high school friend’s children when I stopped by their grandparents’ home for a photo shoot over the summer.  She and I go way back to seventh grade, so it was fun to catch up and see how her beautiful family is growing!