Well, one thing is for sure: my friends make really cute kids.  🙂  Looking over the photos I’ve been able to take in the past few weeks/years, I can’t get over how adorable they all are.  Gorgeous two-year-old Bri is no exception.  This was another fun shoot I was able to do for a friend while we were both in Pennsylvania at the end of July.  I think it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this girl!  Enjoy!

Oh man, that curl was just too much! I could hardly handle the adorableness!

Those are some really fantastic eyes God gave her!

Can’t you picture her in a kids’ clothing ad?!

…and a little bonus behind the scenes shot taken by Bri’s mom. 🙂

One response

  1. Julie

    These are beautiful pictures, Jenni!

    August 20, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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