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The Hosselton Family

Thanksgiving break is giving me a chance to catch up on belated blog posts.  My friends Jenny and Kevin were kind enough to book me in my early photography days for Laney’s four-month photos.  Well, Laney is a big sister now and I had the chance to capture Jenny’s extended family in photos back in September.  The Hosseltons were all together for the grandparents’ move and took some time out for family photos at Southeastway Park in Indianapolis.  I had a great time capturing their families and seeing the cousins interacting and enjoying time together.  It was good practice for the next time I get to attempt a group photo of my huge family with a bunch of little kids.  🙂   Here is a sampling of some of the group photos of the Hosselton clan.






Sneak Peek- I get to call these adorable children my nieces and nephew!

You may recognize these kiddos from some previous posts of mine (look here and here).  I can’t resist posting this sneak peek of a family session I did last weekend with my brother’s family.  There are more to come soon!

IMG_1955 (2)

Katy, Alan, and Jonah: Visiting from Cambodia

You may remember these friends as the great people who helped show me around the beautiful country of Cambodia this past summer, from Angkor Wat to Battambang to Phnom Penh and Kep (photos of that are still to come).  Well, their family has since grown from this back in June:


to this:

Beringer Family by JMP-10

They came home to the U.S. for Christmas and I had a great time catching up with them on a chilly Indianapolis day.  The weather didn’t cooperate much for an outdoor photoshoot, but we had fun nonetheless.  🙂

Here are a few more fun shots from our time at the beginning of this month.  Enjoy!

Beringer Family by JMP-1

This was what he was like when I first met him. We didn’t let it last long. 🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-7

Beringer Family by JMP-3

Beringer Family by JMP-9

Mass Ave Toys was a great place to warm up and check out some fun toys.  This little guy was very intent in checking out the world, with his fingers getting pretty close to pointing to the place where he was born… it’s like he knew.  🙂

Beringer Family by JMP-13

Such a contemplative look.

Such a contemplative look.

Beringer Family by JMP-22

Beringer Family by JMP-24

Beringer Family by JMP-25Beringer Family by JMP-28

The Clemmers- Indianapolis Family Photography

These are some great friends of mine from my community group at church.  Knowing they were heading back to the great state of Pennsylvania (we share a home state!) for a while, I was excited to help document this stage of their family’s life before they left.  Many thanks to our friends who helped out with entertaining the boys and getting some smiles out of them during our quick photo shoot!  🙂







PicMonkey Collage


I loved this random show of brotherly affection. 🙂