A Fashionably Late Christmas Post

Better late than never, right?  The return to teaching proved to be a bit time-consuming this month, so I had to put photography to the side for a little while.

I had a lovely time at home in Pennsylvania for Christmas and New Year’s.  I wasn’t really in “photography-mode” while I was home, but here are a few random photos from my time there.

got to love some Christmas light bokeh...

my adorable nephew ready for the road trip back to Indiana

I enjoyed a field trip to Pittsburgh and the chance to see all six of these beautiful Super Bowl trophies won by the Steelers. 🙂

Mom and I made these for her New Year's Eve party contribution. Aren't they cute?

My parents are getting an addition put on the back of the house. I liked this shot out the window of one of the men working on it.

I told you it would be a random assortment, right?  🙂

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