Aussie word differences

Hello there!

The return to teaching has put photo posting on hold for a bit, but I did want to check in and say hello.  While I was in Australia last month, I kept a list of words and phrases that I noticed as being different from the way we talk in the U.S.  I’ve already forgotten what a few of them mean.  I thought it might be fun to share the list here.  Feel free to correct any mistakes or add to the list in the comments section!

  1. Running writing- cursive
  2. Excursion – Field trip
  3. Maths- Math
  4. Lego- Legos
  5. Overtake- Pass
  6. That’s ok- You’re welcome
  7. Wally- Waldo
  8. Baddies, meanies, goodies- Bad guys, good guys
  9. Wind screen- Windshield
  10. Jumper- Sweater/sweatshirt
  11. Dummy- Pacifier
  12. Cot- Crib
  13. Pram- Stroller
  14. Nappies- Diapers
  15. Duna- Comforter
  16. Dobbing- Tattling
  17. Whinge- Whine
  18. Slice- Cookie bars
  19. Tick- Check mark
  20. Made redundant- Layed-off
  21. Postie- Postal worker
  22. Sook- ?
  23. Packing up- Putting away
  24. Drink driving- Drunk driving
  25. Needles- Vaccines
  26. Capsules- Infant Carseats
  27. Good on you- Good job
  28. Windy- Gassy
  29. Arvo- Afternoon
  30. Brekky- Breakfast
  31. Cuppa- Cup of tea
  32. Bin- Trash can
  33. Textas- Markers
  34. Yabbies- ?
  35. Love heart- Heart
  36. Macca’s- McDonald’s
  37. Capsicum- Peppers
  38. Vegemite- really strong flavored yeast spread
  39. Pavlova- Delicious meringue dessert
  40. Prawn- shrimp
  41. Chuck a sickie- Take a sick day
  42. Sunnies- Sunglasses
  43. Caravan park- Trailer park
  44. Suss- ?
  45. Shouted- ?
  46. Bush-walking- Hiking
  47. Sultanas- Raisins
  48. Fringe- Bangs
  49. Scrum- Rugby huddle
  50. Try- Rugby touchdown
  51. Piggy in the middle- Monkey in the middle
  52. PowerPoint- Electrical outlet
  53. How you going?- How are you?
  54. Physio- Physical Therapist
  55. Torch- Flashlight
  56. Salvos- Salvation Army
  57. A lead- Leash
  58. Health cover- Health insurance
  59. Barrack- Cheer for
  60. Fairy floss- Cotton candy
  61. Hundreds and thousands- Sprinkles
  62. Fairy bread- bread, butter, & sprinkles
  63. Uni- University
  64. Infants- Primary grades
  65. Supper- Tea
  66. Footpaths- Sidewalks
  67. H (pronounced hache)- H (pronounced a-ch)
  68. Pokies- Gambling game
  69. Cruzy- ?
  70. Plaits- braids
  71. Zed- Z
  72. Serviettes- Napkins
  73. Kindie- Kindergarten
  74. Singlet- Undershirt
  75. Petrol- Gas
  76. Toilet- Bathroom
  77. Lounge room- Living room
  78. Coriander- Cilantro
  79. Hire- Rent
  80. Caught out- ?
  81. Boot- Trunk
  82. Tip- Tag
  83. Indicator/ blinker- Turn signal
  84. Pegs- ?
  85. Telly- TV
  86. Ta- Thank you
  87. G’day- Hi

And here are some words they use more often than we do:

  • Swap
  • Heaps
  • Nearly
  • Keen
  • Whilst
  • Sorted
  • Muck it up
  • As
  • Gorgeous
  • Cheeky


After posting this the first time, my sister filled in some of the holes I left.

Sook – wimp
Suss – figure (as in suss it out)
Yabbies – crayfish/crabs
Shout – pay for (as in “my shout”)
Crusie – easy
Pegs – clothes pins

And because no post is complete without a photo- here’s a throw-back photo that I rediscovered from my trip to Australia three years ago.  It was taken at a park in Toowoomba.


I have lots of amazing photos to post in the next few weeks.  Stop by again soon!

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